Commit b9ffcb85 authored by Aayush Gupta's avatar Aayush Gupta
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Merge branch '5337-package_rename' into 'master'

BlissLauncher: Rename privacycentral package to advancedprivacy

See merge request !80
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......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ import android.content.ComponentName
object DefaultWidgets {
val ecloudWidget = ComponentName("", "")
val privacyWidget = ComponentName("foundation.e.privacycentralapp.e", "foundation.e.privacycentralapp.Widget")
val privacyWidget = ComponentName("foundation.e.advancedprivacy", "foundation.e.privacycentralapp.Widget")
val widgets = setOf(ecloudWidget, privacyWidget)
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