Commit a550056b authored by F Wildermuth's avatar F Wildermuth Committed by Weblate
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Translated using Weblate (German)

Currently translated at 100.0% (134 of 134 strings)

Translation: /e//BlissLauncher
parent 8af68383
......@@ -123,10 +123,10 @@
<string name="cancel">Abbrechen</string>
<string name="unknown">Unbekannt</string>
<string name="explanation_access_to_appusage_is_not_enabled">Aktiviere den Zugriff auf Apps, um App-Vorschläge anzuzeigen.</string>
<string name="app_suggestion">APP-VORSCHLÄGE</string>
<string name="untitled">ohne Namen</string>
<string name="app_suggestion">Vorschläge</string>
<string name="untitled">Kein Titel</string>
<string name="search">Suche</string>
<string name="app_name">Bliss Starter</string>
<string name="app_name">Bliss Launcher</string>
<string name="edit">Bearbeiten</string>
<string name="choose_widget">Widget auswählen</string>
<string name="add_widget">Widget hinzufügen</string>
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