Commit 87f5aee2 authored by Nihar Thakkar's avatar Nihar Thakkar Committed by Romain Hunault
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Fix #30: Fix bug where editing of contacts was not possible for OAuth accounts

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......@@ -311,7 +311,7 @@ abstract class SyncManager<ResourceType: LocalResource<*>, out CollectionType: L
val fileName = local.fileName!!
useRemote(DavResource(httpClient.okHttpClient, collectionURL.newBuilder().addPathSegment(fileName).build())) { remote ->
useRemote(DavResource(httpClient.okHttpClient, collectionURL.newBuilder().addPathSegment(fileName).build(), accountSettings.credentials().authState?.accessToken)) { remote ->
// generate entity to upload (VCard, iCal, whatever)
val body = prepareUpload(local)
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