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    • Marc Abonce Seguin's avatar
      refactor engine's search language handling · 772c048d
      Marc Abonce Seguin authored
      Add match_language function in utils to match any user given
      language code with a list of engine's supported languages.
      Also add language_aliases dict on each engine to translate
      standard language codes into the custom codes used by the engine.
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  10. 18 Mar, 2017 1 commit
    • marc's avatar
      make search language handling less strict · fd65c129
      marc authored can change, so users may query on a language that is not
      on the list anymore, even if it is still recognized by a few engines.
      also made no and nb the same because they seem to return the same,
      though most engines will only support one or the other.
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    • dalf's avatar
      Clean up the architecture · 67e11c42
      dalf authored
      Purposes :
      - isolate the plugins calls
      - distinction between parsing the web request and running the search (Search class). To be able to test code easily, to run searx code outside a web server, to filter the search query parameters with plugins more easily, etc...
      Details :
      - request.request_data contains request.form or request.args (initialize inside pre_request() function)
      - Query class is renamed RawTextQuery
      - SearchQuery class defines all search parameters
      - get_search_query_from_webapp create a SearchQuery instance (basically the previous Search.__init__ code)
      - Search class and SearchWithPlugins class takes a SearchQuery instance as class constructor parameter
      - SearchWithPlugins class inherites from Search class, and run plugins
      - A dedicated function search_with_plugins executes plugins to have a well define locals() (which is used by the plugins code).
      - All plugins code is executed inside the try...except block (, index function)
      - advanced_search HTTP parameter value stays in (it is only part of UI)
      - multiple calls to result_container.get_ordered_results() doesn't compute the order multiple time (note : this method was call only once before)
      - paging value is stored in the result_container class (compute in the extend method)
      - test about engine.suspend_end_time is done during search method call (instead of __init__)
      - check that the format parameter value is one of these : html, rss, json, rss (before the html value was assumed but some text formatting wasn't not done)
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    • Cqoicebordel's avatar
      Add non exclusif bang · 96c4d52e
      Cqoicebordel authored
      Allow to perform a search while adding an engine (or a category) without adding it "officially" to the request.
      '?' is used to add an engine without modifying anything else to the request. For example, you can perform a search in the 'general' category, and if you add '?tw' the result from Twitter will be added to the originals results.
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