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    • Simon Schuster's avatar
      [fix] use engine-type when looking up supported_languages from JSON files · 23d6c9c7
      Simon Schuster authored
      searx/data/engines_languages.json stores language information for
      several searchengines in a json endoded dict that maps engine-"types" to
      their supported languages; for instance there is an entry "google",
      mapping to the supported languages of the google engine.
      However, the lookup code did not use the engine 'type' (as in: the
      filename searx/engines/<enginetype>.py), but instead the manually
      configured engine name from settings.yml when querying. This is
      problematic as soon as users start to specify additional engine
      instances with custom names in the config file, as for instance
      suggested as a workaround for multilingual search in the manual[0]:
      > engines:
      >   - name : google english
      >     engine : google
      >     language : english
      Here, the engine name "google english" will be used for the lookup in
      the json file, which does not exist. The empty supported_languages then
      lead to a type error later in the processing callchain.
      This patch changes the behaviour to use the engine's entry-"type"
      ("google" in the above example) for the lookup. This should fix bug #2928.
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