Commit bbddad63 authored by Arnau Vàzquez's avatar Arnau Vàzquez
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Merge branch '4174b-fix-onesearch' into 'master'

Removed safesearch debbug log

Closes e/backlog#4174

See merge request e/cloud/my-spot!82
parents 354092b8 fcb5dd67
......@@ -47,7 +47,6 @@ def response(resp):
onesearch_urls = eval_xpath(doc, '//div[contains(@class, "algo")]//h3[contains(@class, "title")]/a/@href')
for title_tag, content, onesearch_url in zip(titles_tags, contents, onesearch_urls):
print(f"{title_tag.text_content()} ---> {onesearch_url}")
matches ='RU=(.*?)\/', onesearch_url)
'title': title_tag.text_content(),
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