Commit 0169b63e authored by Marc Abonce Seguin's avatar Marc Abonce Seguin
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[fix] fetch google's supported languages

parent 51111c25
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......@@ -381,10 +381,10 @@ def attributes_to_html(attributes):
def _fetch_supported_languages(resp):
supported_languages = {}
dom = html.fromstring(resp.text)
options = dom.xpath('//table//td/font/label/span')
options = dom.xpath('//*[@id="langSec"]//input[@name="lr"]')
for option in options:
code = option.xpath('./@id')[0][1:]
name = option.text.title()
code = option.xpath('./@value')[0].split('_')[-1]
name = option.xpath('./@data-name')[0].title()
supported_languages[code] = {"name": name}
return supported_languages
......@@ -205,29 +205,13 @@ class TestGoogleEngine(SearxTestCase):
html = u"""
<span id="ten">English</span>
<span id="tzh-CN">中文 (简体)</span>
<span id="tzh-TW">中文 (繁體)</span>
<div id="langSec">
<input name="lr" data-name="english" value="lang_en" />
<input name="lr" data-name="中文 (简体)" value="lang_zh-CN" />
<input name="lr" data-name="中文 (繁體)" value="lang_zh-TW" />
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