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Those are full time positions.
- [WEBMASTER/WORDPRESS] we are looking for webmaster with significant experience working with wordpress and woocommerce on a multilingual and high traffic website.
- [DESIGNER/GRAPHIST] we are looking for a part time designer/graphist to work on our mobile operating system User Interface and experience.
- [PHP] we are looking for PHP developer with experience, to work on various online services components, improve them, add some features, debug... Passionate, hacker in mind, happy to work as part of a multi-cultural team, for a great project like /e/!
- [JAVA] we are looking for a java developer for low-level development linked to Android and API reverse engineering. Hacker in mind, loves to solve complex cases.
- [DEVOPS] We are looking for an infrastructure engineer who will be able to help us integrate and deploy a scalable architecture for hosting our email, drive, calendar, ... /e/ services on the top of existing software solutions.
Some experience in this field is required, and must have knowledge in state of the art security practices.
## How to apply?
Please send an email to <> with a resume.
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