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......@@ -116,6 +116,19 @@ An option is also to look for a web alternative . For instance, several services
Some users have also reported some successes using the Yalp Store and Aurora Store applications, though it requires to authorize third-party applications installation in /e/OS settings.
## My device is no longer supported by LineageOS. Will /e/ also stop support?
/e/ is not dependent on LineageOS in deciding which devices to support or stop supporting. We already have several devices which are not on the LineageOS supported list. We plan to port more devices to work with /e/ code.
## If my device is not supported by LineageOS will I still get the security patches on time?
Yes. We will download and apply the security patches for devices if they are available for download from the source.
## Is my data on the /e/ servers encrypted?
All user data is encrypted on the main block storage and in backups too. True E2E (end to end) encryption is in our plans as a long-term feature.
## Other questions
Some more technical questions & answers are available [in a specific FAQ](
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