Commit 98f8be46 authored by stenkinevgeniy's avatar stenkinevgeniy Committed by Stricted

Revert "audio: Fix incall device switch handling"

This commit cause bug - no sound after end voice call when
using speaker. Sound come back after audioflinger send
standby and hal reenable speaker for new stream (usecase).

Reason - hal need reenable speaker (or other devices) for
other streams (usecases).

This reverts commit f33a728b.

Change-Id: Icde4e83ab824008e931b681cdbb6e11d6a2a7aa5
parent 18e9be93
......@@ -1077,11 +1077,8 @@ static int select_devices(struct audio_device *adev,
if (vc_usecase == NULL) {
ALOGE("%s: Could not find the voice call usecase", __func__);
} else {
ALOGV("%s: in call, reusing devices (rx: %s, tx: %s)", __func__,
usecase->devices = vc_usecase->devices;
return 0;
in_snd_device = vc_usecase->in_snd_device;
out_snd_device = vc_usecase->out_snd_device;
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