Commit aeb37af2 authored by threader's avatar threader Committed by Bernhard Thoben
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Revert "binderfs: make symbol 'binderfs_fs_parameters' static"

This reverts commit a9684760b75394c153b0a0132153e55788df20b4.
parent 559a8f01
......@@ -65,13 +65,7 @@ static const match_table_t tokens = {
{ Opt_err, NULL }
static const struct fs_parameter_spec binderfs_fs_parameters[] = {
fsparam_u32("max", Opt_max),
fsparam_enum("stats", Opt_stats_mode, binderfs_param_stats),
static inline struct binderfs_info *BINDERFS_SB(const struct super_block *sb)
static inline struct binderfs_info *BINDERFS_I(const struct inode *inode)
return inode->i_sb->s_fs_info;
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