Commit bf8029f0 authored by Chris Lew's avatar Chris Lew Committed by Ole Birketvedt
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sec_config: Add 2901 to IPC Router config

The diag node is moving to oem_2901 group permissions
instead of diag permissions. Update IPC Router security
config to allow diag communication through sockets.

Change-Id: I46411aff66a5e9fd6478924bfa92d575030305ea
parent 9acb64ed
......@@ -312,7 +312,7 @@
/* Allow Data dpmd to access QMI DFS */
/* DIAG */
/* <WLPS QMI Service ID - 0x39>:<WLFW QMI Instance ID - all instances>:<Client Group ID> */
/* COEX */
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