Commit f05bad7d authored by Chippa-a's avatar Chippa-a Committed by Bernhard Thoben
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kitakami-common: libril: Properly send fake success event for manual network registration

Fixes c522daa39a19653144c5d16210b95185c2b89465 port for Android O RIL stack.

Change-Id: I733718c66553b48e012a4af66cc41003a4f212e0
parent 10906e20
......@@ -620,6 +620,20 @@ bool dispatchStrings(int serial, int slotId, int request, bool allowEmpty, int c
* Sony 8960 RIL stack compatibility
* Qualcomm's RIL doesn't seem to issue any callbacks for opcode 47
* This may be a bug on how we call rild or simply some proprietary 'feature'
* ..and we don't care: We simply send a SUCCESS message back to the caller to
* indicate that we received the command & unblock the UI.
* The user will still see if the registration was OK by using the
* normal signal meter
RLOGE("Sending fake success event for request %s", requestToString(request));
RIL_onRequestComplete(pRI, RIL_E_SUCCESS, NULL, 0);
return true;
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