Commit e76c3aed authored by Bernhard Thoben's avatar Bernhard Thoben
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Removed superfluous entries in init.qcom.rc.

Change-Id: I32d17a175742f90449f3e685748e56fd582c6c5c
parent 4e674149
......@@ -505,14 +505,6 @@ service imscmservice /system/vendor/bin/imscmservice
user system
group radio diag log
service ims_regmanager /system/bin/exe-ims-regmanagerprocessnative
class late_start
group net_bt_admin inet radio wifi
on property:persist.ims.regmanager.mode=1
start ims_regmanager
service irsc_util /system/bin/irsc_util "/etc/sec_config"
class main
user root
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