Commit 6f631641 authored by Bernhard Thoben's avatar Bernhard Thoben
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kitakami-common: sepolicy: Added missing sysfs type to fix changes made in LineageOS policies.

Change-Id: Id0369cdd18511a723ea93e52968b203f432c47e2
parent d13cdf1a
......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ type secd_data_file, file_type;
type secd_socket, file_type;
type sysfs_addrsetup, fs_type, sysfs_type;
type sysfs_camera_torch, sysfs_type, file_type;
type sysfs_disk_stat, sysfs_type, file_type;
type sysfs_performance, sysfs_type, file_type;
type sysfs_timekeep, fs_type, sysfs_type;
type tad_socket, file_type;
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