Commit 2ba45871 authored by Haran Govindan's avatar Haran Govindan Committed by Bernhard Thoben
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kitakami-common: rootdir: Give proper permissions for /dev/diag

* This gives proper permission to /dev/diag node so that diag driver can load successfully

Before in log:
Diag_Lib:  Diag_LSM_Init: Failed to open handle to diag driver, error = 13

After in log:
Diag_Lib: qpLogDiagInit <== result : 1
Diag_Lib: QMID : gIsQXDMDisabled 0, gIsADBDisabled 1, gIsDebugDisabled 0, gIsIMSLogsDisabled 0
parent 8b8354e5
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@
# the DIAG device node is not world writable/readable.
/dev/diag 0660 system oem_2950
/dev/diag 0666 system oem_2950
/dev/genlock 0666 system system
/dev/kgsl 0666 system system
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