Prioritized Labels
  • priorityP1
  • priorityP2
  • priorityP3
  • priorityP4
  • priorityP5
  • Other Labels
  • /e/R testing
    Android R... /e/ r issues raised during testing
  • 0.18 Regression
    e / Backlog
  • 2021 Aug v0.18 Testing
    Bug raised during testing of v0.18
    e / Backlog
  • 2021 Jan Test Session
    Bugs detected during 2021 Jan Test Session
    e / Backlog
  • 2021 Mar Test Session
    Bugs raised during the March Test session of v0.15
    e / Backlog
  • 2021 Mar v0.16 Testing
    Bugs raised during v0.16 test session
    e / Backlog
  • 2021 May Test Session
    Bug identified during the v0.17 test session in May of 2021
    e / Backlog
  • 2e
  • Account Manager
  • App request
    Label to describe user requests for third party apps in the App Store. This label will separate it from Third party Label which is for bugs in these requested apps. The benefit is for the developer who can select this label at add these requested apps at one go.
  • Apps
  • Awaiting Inputs
    Bugs where we require more details or validation from the user who raised it. Issues where we do not get any updates despite reminders, will be closed. User can always raise a new one by checking against latest builds if the issue still occurs.
  • Backup
  • Browser
  • Bug
  • Build
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Camera
  • Clock