Commit c62bfd38 authored by Mark Harman's avatar Mark Harman

Remove unnecessary translation (whats_new_next).

parent 7c737429
......@@ -882,20 +882,4 @@
<string name="camera_id">ID</string> <!-- ID as in camera ID -->
<!-- There's no point translating the What's New text - it'll be updated constantly, and change each version -->
<string name="whats_new_text">
<small>[This dialog is shown when Open Camera is updated. You can disable it under
Settings/On screen GUI/Show What\'s New dialog.]</small>
<li>New panorama photo mode (requires Android 5+, note not all devices are supported).\n</li>
<li>New option Settings/Photo settings/Text style/\"Text with shaded background\" for photo stamp.\n</li>
<li>Notifications now displayed on Android 8+ when Open Camera is in background when images are
still being processed/saved.\n</li>
<li>Camera ID is now displayed when switching cameras, on devices with more than two cameras.\n</li>
<li>Improved performance on Android 7+ when saving photos when using Storage Access Framework.\n</li>
<li>Other improvements and bug fixes.\n</li>
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