Commit c5cd9f74 authored by Mark Harman's avatar Mark Harman

Saving base images: should always be 100% JPEG quality for NR; and use PNG for...

Saving base images: should always be 100% JPEG quality for NR; and use PNG for panorama base images; also disable various post processing options for base panorama images.
parent 4c7a1798
......@@ -68,6 +68,8 @@ UPDATED Improved exposure panel UI, and made on-screen text (zoom, video timer e
UPDATED Set black navigation bar colour to black (needed for some devices, e.g., Samsung).
UPDATED Improved performance on Android 7+ when saving photos when using Storage Access Framework
(no longer need to save to a temporary file to handle Exif tags).
UPDATED When saving "base images" for Noise Reduction mode, keep JPEG quality at 100% even if using
post processing options.
UPDATED Updated Renderscript to 64-bit code.
Version 1.46 (2019/05/18)
......@@ -135,23 +135,23 @@ public class ImageSaver extends Thread {
final ImageFormat image_format;
final int image_quality;
final boolean do_auto_stabilise;
ImageFormat image_format;
int image_quality;
boolean do_auto_stabilise;
final double level_angle;
final List<float []> gyro_rotation_matrix; // used for panorama (one 3x3 matrix per jpeg_images entry), otherwise can be null
boolean panorama_dir_left_to_right; // used for panorama
float camera_view_angle_x; // used for panorama
float camera_view_angle_y; // used for panorama
final boolean is_front_facing;
final boolean mirror;
boolean mirror;
final Date current_date;
final String preference_hdr_contrast_enhancement; // for HDR
final int iso; // not applicable for RAW image
final long exposure_time; // not applicable for RAW image
final float zoom_factor; // not applicable for RAW image
final String preference_stamp;
final String preference_textstamp;
String preference_stamp;
String preference_textstamp;
final int font_size;
final int color;
final String pref_style;
......@@ -234,6 +234,35 @@ public class ImageSaver extends Thread {
this.custom_tag_copyright = custom_tag_copyright;
this.sample_factor = sample_factor;
/** Returns a copy of this object. Note that it is not a deep copy - data such as JPEG and RAW
* data will not be copied.
Request copy() {
return new Request(this.type,
this.image_capture_intent, this.image_capture_intent_uri,
this.image_format, this.image_quality,
this.do_auto_stabilise, this.level_angle, this.gyro_rotation_matrix,
this.preference_stamp, this.preference_textstamp, this.font_size, this.color, this.pref_style, this.preference_stamp_dateformat, this.preference_stamp_timeformat, this.preference_stamp_gpsformat, this.preference_stamp_geo_address, this.preference_units_distance,
this.panorama_crop, this.store_location, this.location, this.store_geo_direction, this.geo_direction,
ImageSaver(MainActivity main_activity) {
......@@ -1743,9 +1772,27 @@ public class ImageSaver extends Thread {
if( !request.image_capture_intent && request.save_base != Request.SaveBase.SAVEBASE_NONE ) {
if( MyDebug.LOG )
Log.d(TAG, "save base images");
Request base_request = request;
if( request.process_type == Request.ProcessType.PANORAMA ) {
// Important to save base images for panorama in PNG format, to avoid risk of not being able to reproduce the
// same issue - decompressing JPEGs can vary between devices!
// Also disable options that don't really make sense for base panorama images.
base_request = request.copy();
base_request.image_format = Request.ImageFormat.PNG;
base_request.preference_stamp = "preference_stamp_no";
base_request.preference_textstamp = "";
base_request.do_auto_stabilise = false;
base_request.mirror = false;
else if( request.process_type == Request.ProcessType.AVERAGE ) {
// In case the base image needs to be postprocessed, we still want to save base images for NR at the 100% JPEG quality
base_request = request.copy();
base_request.image_quality = 100;
// don't update the thumbnails, only do this for the final image - so user doesn't think it's complete, click gallery, then wonder why the final image isn't there
// also don't mark these images as being shared
saveImages(request, suffix, request.save_base == Request.SaveBase.SAVEBASE_FIRST, false, false);
saveImages(base_request, suffix, base_request.save_base == Request.SaveBase.SAVEBASE_FIRST, false, false);
// ignore return of saveImages - as for deciding whether to pause preview or not (which is all we use the success return for), all that matters is whether we saved the final HDR image
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