Authored by Victoria James

How to Write an English Essay

Writing English essays for academic purposes is not an easy task since you have to think critically on a wide variety of issues, learn various college-based types of writing, and use numerous strategies and writing styles.

Although assignments differ for each paper, a basic English essay format remains unchanged and comprises introduction, body, and conclusion. Knowledge of basic essay structure helps students organizing their ideas clearly, prove the point they are arguing in a paper effectively, and arrive at a logical conclusion.

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A simple scheme of three major steps - prewriting, sheer writing, and revision - exists to help the writer create a successful essay.

Write a Stunning-Looking Introduction

The reader will not question whether the introduction was written first or after the main part of the essay.

However, the introduction is the opening part of your English essay papers, which appears before your audience first.

The introduction that will guarantee readers' interest should grab their attention, give background information on the topic, and end with a thesis statement. A striking figure from statistics, a provocative question or quote, an expressive analogy, or a vivid image can be used as attention-grabber. The background information will introduce the subject and offer facts that a reader may not know or needs to be reminded of.

Finally, a thesis is the face of the whole paper, which should be placed at the beginning of the essay paper. It is a focus of the English essay, which uncovers the main point to be supported and developed in the paper.

While in conversation people look at each other's faces, in writing, a well-defined thesis becomes the writer's face that the reader is instinctively looking at.

Compose a Carefully Crafted Body

While the thesis comprises one or two effective and precise sentences, a body is a place to expand on each of the smaller points stated earlier and to support them with details, examples, and evidence. Each body paragraph corresponds to a new idea and starts with a topic sentence and a precise introduction to the content of the paragraph.

In smooth writing, paragraphs are properly connected, and transitions between the ideas are made since no idea appears in a vacuum. Transitions help the reader see the writer's reasoning process and move smoothly to the conclusion.

Create a Clearly Defined Conclusion Traditionally, a conclusion restates your thesis (not duplicates it) and ties all the discussed ideas together. New ideas are not introduced in the conclusion. Plainly speaking, the reader will never ask "So what?" after reading a successful essay. Thus the conclusion should display a reasonable closure.

To leave the reader with a sense of closure, a written essay paper has to be revised, edited, and checked for plagiarism. Along with looking for grammar and mechanics mistakes, you will go over the structure carefully to ensure that the...

  • The thesis statement is evident and clearly stated;
  • Paragraphs are fully developed;
  • Examples are relevant;
  • Transitions are made between ideas;
  • The conclusion presents a logical ending.

The scheme of English essay writing discussed in this report guarantees you success in creating good essay papers. Once you have acquired the skill of constructing a clear and holistic essay format, you will discover a vast valley for creativity and improvisation opened before you.

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