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    Make TWRP compile for arm64 · bcc502cf
    Ethan Yonker authored
    -Remove dosfstools for arm64 until we can make it compile
    -Fix TW_USE_TOOLBOX flag to work again
    -Fix symlinking and handling of sh when using mksh
    -Fix legacy properties to find futex_wake function
    -Fix libcrecovery to not use bsd_signal anymore
    -Fix rules for building with regards to libcrecovery
    -Update toolbox_recovery rules to compile tools in lollipop
    -Fix a few compile errors specific to arm64
    Testers report that TWRP does not boot on Nexus 9 and we fail to
    get a shell for adb shell. At least it compiles without errors.
    Change-Id: I286be8628defb60cc527b8a548c0bdfcb0ebb574
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