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    wear_ui: Expose menu_unusable_rows via Makefile var. · f2be3bd7
    Tao Bao authored
    This variable is useful on small screens (e.g. on watches) to handle
    long menus. We should have better way to handle this value smartly.
    Prior to that, expose the value to be overridable by using the generic
    wearable UI module (librecovery_ui_wear).
    Bug: 64307776
    Test: Define the variable, build and boot into recovery image and check
          the UI menu.
    Change-Id: I5d7a6baa8bb4cc852bfcc2a7b3cc9686c1c8817e
    (cherry picked from commit eea3af3f911d36ac1a82a9fb95d24912cc07e3b1)
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