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    ui: Manage menu_ with std::vector. · 17fa5c7c
    Tao Bao authored
    Prior to this CL, menu_ is allocated with a fixed length of text_rows_.
    However, because we support scrollable menu in wear_ui, there might be
    more menu entries than text_rows_, which would lead to out-of-bounds
    array access. This CL addresses the issue by switching to std::vector.
    Bug: 65416558
    Test: Run 'View recovery logs' on angler.
    Test: Set large margin height that leaves text_rows less than 21. Then
          run 'View recovery logs' with 21 menu entries.
    Change-Id: I5d4e3a0a097039e1104eda7d494c6269053dc894
    (cherry picked from commit e15d7a51)
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