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    twrpDigest refactor · 56cf5646
    bigbiff bigbiff authored
    This patch is to refactor twrpDigest using polymorphism
    and inheritance to use the same call patterns for creating and
    reading a digest. Now a library.
    Use SHA2 from libcrypto. SHA2 is default if device has libcrypto.
    Change string MD5 everywhere to use digest or Digest instead. Updated
    string tags to digest. Translation will be required.
    Switch out digest code into a driver class from partitionmanager.
    SHA2 is better for digest creation due to decreased collision space
    compared to MD5 and SHA1.
    See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SHA-2
    Change-Id: I74b5546789990b12aa4ce2e389d25f80a3fe213f
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