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    Multiple Language Support · 74db157b
    Ethan Yonker authored
    This is similar to https://gerrit.omnirom.org/#/c/14014
    A lot of the features built in the older patch set have been split
    out into separate patches, most of which have already been merged.
    The remaining functionality here should all be directly related to
    language selection and loading. We always load English as a base
    before loading other languages over the top of the base. The idea
    is that if another language is missing a translation, then we will
    still display the English.
    Maybe still to do: read the /cache/recovery/last_locale file and
    load a language based on that. For me, this file contains just:
    We probably won't bother with region specific translations so we
    would have to look at either trimming off the _US or using some
    other method like perhaps a symlink or a combination of the two.
    Thanks to _that for twmsg.cpp class
    Change-Id: I9647a22e47883a3ddd2de1da51f64aab7c328f74
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