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    Only change USB mode to mtp when ready for MTP · 84830ce0
    Matt Mower authored
    Commit 'Do not toggle USB ID during MTP startup if not needed' changed
    the default USB mode to 'mtp,adb'. Depending on the device, this can
    result in an unfortunate side effect of crashing an ORS sideload
    midway through the process (it's not clear to me whether the kernel or
    the connected computer is responsible). Only put USB into mtp mode
    when MTP storage is starting-up.
    The hack to change the USB mode to adb when a user compiles TWRP
    without MTP support is no longer necessary now that 'adb' is the
    startup mode.
    Change-Id: I8ed13d6ab8e85621533997b8c37ef7ebec0fcf85
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