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    minzip: Add support for >2GB zipfile · 6069a793
    nkk71 authored
    normal zip limit is 4GB, but due to signed variables it will only
    access 2GB (32bit signed integer is from -2GB to +2GB).
    these changes allow for a theoretical limit of 4GB zips to be flashed.
    RAM restrictions still apply, and on a 32bit system it's likely to max
    out at approx 2.8GB flashable zip, above that mmap will probably fail.
    Note: the flashable zip also needs a compatible update-binary which
    include these changes.
    (this also applies to both aroma installer if it's being used).
    Change-Id: Ib3af2945c9bd4890a2e6dc45acfc2b80ec55473b
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