Please welcome our new /e/OS v0.17-nougat!

We embedded some improvements

  • microG
    • requests Exposure Notification app permissions only when microG Exposure Notification is installed
    • now embeds a shortcut to Apps to install microG Exposure Notification

🕙 Software updates

  • We updated our Maps application (based on MagicEarth)
  • We updated our Browser application (based on Bromite)
  • We updated microG (
  • We merged latest bugfixes and security updates from LineageOS source code trees

🐛 Bug fixes

  • The microG update allows the Yuka application to work

Security fixes

The AOSP project doesn't maintain Android Nougat anymore. But thanks to the community, some security patches available for Oreo are backported to Nougat. You will be able to find them in the LineageOS changelog

Find all the corresponding issues and their MRs on the v0.17 milestone