Commit 53c76f49 authored by vince-bourgmayer's avatar vince-bourgmayer
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add filter on already store folder to prevent sync of hidden media folder (from local)

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......@@ -524,6 +524,11 @@ public class ObserverService extends Service implements OnRemoteOperationListene
SyncedFolder syncedFolder =;
Log.v(TAG, "SyncedFolder :"+syncedFolder.getLibelle()+", "+syncedFolder.getLocalFolder()+", "+syncedFolder.getLastModified()+", "+syncedFolder.isScanLocal()+", "+syncedFolder.getId() );
if(syncedFolder.isMediaType() && CommonUtils.getFileNameFromPath(syncedFolder.getLocalFolder()).startsWith(".")){
if(syncedFolder.isScanLocal() ) {
Log.v(TAG, "We must sync local modification of this folder");
if ( syncedFolder.getId() == -1) {
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