Commit 0d006ae8 authored by sync_forks@e's avatar sync_forks@e

Merge branch 'lineage-15.1' into eelo-0.2

parents ac5c734d e9b4abc4
......@@ -662,6 +662,7 @@
<apn carrier="EE Internet" mcc="234" mnc="34" apn="everywhere" user="eesecure" password="secure" authtype="1" type="default,supl,dun" />
<apn carrier="EE MMS" mcc="234" mnc="34" apn="eezone" user="eesecure" password="secure" mmsc="http://mms/" mmsproxy="" mmsport="8080" authtype="1" type="mms" />
<apn carrier="Truphone Internet" mcc="234" mnc="35" apn="" type="default,supl" />
<apn carrier="Virgin Mobile" mcc="234" mnc="38" apn="" user="" password="" mmsc="" mmsproxy="" mmsport="8080" authtype="2" type="default,supl,mms" />
<apn carrier="Jersey Internet" mcc="234" mnc="50" apn="pepper" proxy="" port="" user="" password="" mmsc="" type="default,supl" />
<apn carrier="Jersey WAP" mcc="234" mnc="50" apn="pepper" proxy="" port="3130" user="wap" password="wap" mmsc="" type="default,supl" />
<apn carrier="Jersey MMS" mcc="234" mnc="50" apn="mms" proxy="" port="" user="mms" password="mms" mmsc="" mmsproxy="" mmsport="3130" type="mms" />
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