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    Fix bootanimation destpath if building off-tree · bc4bce82
    Vasyl Gello authored
    If the build is invoked off-tree, like:
        . build/envsetup.sh
        export OUT_DIR=/some/other/dir/out
        export DIST_DIR=/some/other/dir/dist
        breakfast chagalllte
        mka \
            target-files-package dist
    the bootanimation.zip is correctly generated in $OUT_DIR.
    However, if the user overrides directories after breakfast, i.e:
        . build/envsetup.sh
        breakfast chagalllte
        mka \
            OUT_DIR=/some/other/dir/out \
            DIST_DIR=/some/other/dir/dist \
            target-files-package dist
    the destination path of intermediate bootanimation.zip is still
    controlled by $ANDROID_PRODUCT_OUT which is set by build/envsetup.sh.
    This leads to a copy error and a failed build.
    The fix overrides $ANDROID_PRODUCT_OUT by the always-known PRODUCT_OUT
    (make variable defined in build/core/envsetup.mk), making it error-prone
    to environment variable declaration.
    Also, the "sh" invocation is replaced with generic make-variable
    Change-Id: Ic94d1b538fc01946b628f9b5d776548a03acde97
    Signed-off-by: default avatarVasyl Gello <vasek.gello@gmail.com>
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