Commit e7dce25f authored by Abhisek Devkota's avatar Abhisek Devkota
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Revert "The bluetooth pairing page cannot be exited, disable it for now."

This reverts commit d82d3922.

Change-Id: I844fad7da76cc18e8f1d7f1e9aed2ba36a46e107
parent 74191b02
......@@ -226,7 +226,9 @@ public class SetupWizardUtils {
public static void disableComponentsForMissingFeatures(Context context) {
if (!hasLeanback(context)) {
disableComponent(context, BluetoothSetupActivity.class);
if (!hasFingerprint(context)) {
disableComponent(context, FingerprintActivity.class);
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