Commit e7c464aa authored by Jim Miller's avatar Jim Miller Committed by The Android Automerger

Fix crash in Settings on devices without fingerprint.

Fixes bug 27060816

Change-Id: I3b45d3bfa6e47abb4a43ca95c15fd3614f9478dd
parent dea0bab3
......@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ public class FingerprintUiHelper extends FingerprintManager.AuthenticationCallba
public void startListening() {
if (mFingerprintManager != null
if (mFingerprintManager != null && mFingerprintManager.isHardwareDetected()
&& mFingerprintManager.getEnrolledFingerprints(mUserId).size() > 0) {
mCancellationSignal = new CancellationSignal();
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