Commit c3d62d94 authored by Romain Hunault's avatar Romain Hunault

Fix default translations for DNS

parent e4bda8ae
......@@ -9065,11 +9065,11 @@
<string name="e_dns_settings_title">"Settings DNS"</string>
<string name="e_dns_mode">"DNS"</string>
<string name="e_dns_name">"DNS"</string>
<string name="e_dns_title">"Entrez l'IP du DNS"</string>
<string name="e_use_dhcp_dns">"Utiliser le DNS du réseau"</string>
<string name="e_use_dhcp_dns_summary">"Permet d'utiliser le serveur DNS fourni par le réseau"</string>
<string name="e_dns_name_summary">"Définissez le DNS à utiliser"</string>
<string name="e_dns_title">"Enter DNS IP"</string>
<string name="e_use_dhcp_dns">"Use network DNS"</string>
<string name="e_use_dhcp_dns_summary">"Allow to use DNS from network provider"</string>
<string name="e_dns_name_summary">"Set DNS to use"</string>
<string name="e_dns_not_set">""</string>
<string name="e_dns_summary">"Configuration du DNS"</string>
<string name="e_dns_summary">"DNS configuration"</string>
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