Commit bcc4004e authored by Dave Daynard's avatar Dave Daynard Committed by Ricardo Cerqueira

Always show band 0

None of the phones I tested ever displayed Automatic band selection as a
choice, probably because no baseband is going to report it supports
mythical band 0. Make sure it is always displayed.

Change-Id: I5082b04ee63a2916941fd1db40762fa990d59583
parent d7e2a30c
......@@ -154,7 +154,10 @@ public class BandMode extends Activity {
if (result.result != null) {
int bands[] = (int[])result.result;
//Always show Band 0, ie Automatic
item = new BandListItem(0);
if (DBG) log("Add " + item.toString());
for (int i=0; i<bands.length; i++) {
item = new BandListItem(bands[i]);
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