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    Re-Implementation of Protected App Settings · 142d68a2
    Steve Kondik authored
    Protected App [2/3] Protected Apps Settings -> Apps: - Added Receiver which can send in a call to PackageManager to toggle a components protected status. - Add Protected Apps activity (available from Apps fragment) - Reads from ApplicationInfo state - Requires Pattern Lock to view/modify protected apps - Updates Settings Secure DB with protected components - Support resetting protected apps pattern lock
    Change-Id: If07a7b69ac963ffae855621881e1944fc8754782
    Protected Apps:
     - App Info for protected Apps doesn't allow Uninstall or Clear data
     - App Info menu item for launching into Protected Apps when looking at protected components
     - Prevent process dialog from getting dismissed on touch or back key (can cause odd behavior if cancelled mid-protect)
    Change-Id: I64104d7ff3fbf9d8c393ebf262d4de0b28abbc5c
    Reset Pattern: - If user cancels while creating new pattern, old pattern is restored
    Change-Id: I55955b1ffadca2ba712c40c7d443c4fc4b0f528c
    Clean up protected apps code (1/2)
    - Work with actual ComponentNames instead of converting them between
      String and ComponentName all the time
    - Name protection state parameter in methods 'state' instead of
      'protect', as a value of true actually means it's not protected. Also
      consistently use the respective constants for its values.
    - Some misc. cleanup
    Change-Id: I2855978c8aef3cfa14249e3398039c7cdd145ede
    Settings: Create a security fallback on protected apps.
      -- Allow a user to bypass pattern lock on protected apps
      by inputting their primary account information for the
    Change-Id: I39e5a89a8699cfd2ffaba8aea2daa4f477f2cc9b
    settings: reset protected apps view instead of finish the activity
    Finish the app after resettings the account, will lead to the protected app selection without a
    valid pattern. Instead this should reset the pattern view to create a new pattern prior to go to
    protected apps.
    Change-Id: Ida41a29f4f8787940f803a23014a68a2f8beb969
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJorge Ruesga <jorge@ruesga.com>
    Settings: Don't show protected apps options in restricted profiles.
    Change-Id: I38c2e8fd3508d360f0e23703ce6c939f02f3714e
    JIRA: 4668
    Issue: https://jira.cyanogenmod.org/browse/CYAN-4668
    Follow normal lock screen convention - allow user to retry when creating pattern lock
    Change-Id: I6ad39b07b8de3de03146322b37b60e3f846093d1
    Fix: Even when the list is entirely unchecked there may still be components which are still protected and need to cleared when Reset is triggered.
    Change-Id: Ifee3e8b87be39769aedfed0f9a5bda366c67ee45
    ProtectedApps pattern lock for landscape mode.
    Change-Id: I9ef70a0e363d4d17510188d24f4742f458fba38e
    Launch Protected Apps
    Change-Id: I2dc2e1e05c1979118d5324c3c05adfcc6f7ee22a
    Protected Apps: update protected apps screens UI
    Change-Id: I2dd922956f8ffd9ed153c3d1aa1f9161a127e4c6
    Remove unnecessary drawables for launching Protected Apps
    Change-Id: I58f471ef9d64c7ced79befbfc30b94d75a0085a2
    ProtectedAppsReceiver: fix NPE when components are null
     * To reproduce: create a folder at Trebuchet, lock it and leave the screen
    Change-Id: I49a2e76fdaa3e375b0ea5aa2bb05eaa92528dd19
    Protected Apps: Show state by component instead of by app
    Change-Id: Idbe1d69b376fc3f42980404d9448152f606e7f8e
    (cherry picked from commit 56e11c86)
    Protected Apps: Increase hit target of the launch app button
    Change-Id: I38355aca37079d43975d287ee9d81c3a500c3575
    (cherry picked from commit 47e8e46f)
    Protected Apps: Monitor unlock status
    Monitor the Activities unlock status so that we can rotate
    the screen in this activity without having to unlock again.
    Change-Id: I8feab5cb4d55c4df0d0d1475ab6646c046f01925
    Protected Apps: add some side padding in app list view
    Change-Id: I2549fd8f8b662e2e2c542e67cbc20e6a366fba42
    Protected apps: get protected components settings from secure instead of system
    Change-Id: Iebe1a0e5587b844d29524d25da1f7556dd935599
    Settings: Actually expose protected apps settings.
      Since protected apps are seemingly useful now,
      promote them within the privacy guard menu.
    Change-Id: I9024cd88f2655f18fb2b68fcf9d75b12e4b5a97e
    Settings: Add fingerprint authentication for protected apps.
      Protected apps users can now authenticate via fingerprint
      if they have at least 1 fingerprint enrolled.
    Change-Id: I47504d9183d42ff974b0e1b0f271a424fd747608
    ProtectedApps: add up navigation and fix action bar icons
     * ProtectedApps has up navigation, but the lock pattern has not.
       I catch myself many times when trying to press the up arrow and
       noticing later on, that it is not there.
     * the drawable used as action bar icon is not white, tint it white
       and use it instead.
    TICKET: RM-208
    Change-Id: Icdd24816af47b16efc38e4e8379811d412f50454
    Signed-off-by: default avatarAlexander Martinz <eviscerationls@gmail.com>
    Settings: Ensure user has to wait 30 before retrying pattern
    Issue-id: FEIJ-257, FEIJ-273
    Change-Id: I08f16c6863ca5bbdb586d756da813453124851b2
    LockPatternView: persist state across rotates
    We need to persist and restore the activity states across rotates so the
    user doesn't have to restart from the beginning.
    Ref: CYNGNOS-141
    Change-Id: I18458d55748666b439cf7b6fcecd81ee5c4c7865
    Signed-off-by: default avatarRoman Birg <roman@cyngn.com>
    Protected apps: fix rotation states
    Don't try to relaunch the activity if it's already been launched.
    Ticket: FEIJ-224
    Change-Id: I597417570f2f937afb0195fecd7dc406ff2508f3
    Signed-off-by: default avatarRoman Birg <roman@cyngn.com>
    Close "Protected apps" activity during power cycle
    Protected apps activity in Settings is accessed after entering
    correct pattern. If user turns off/on the phone while Protected
    apps is in foreground, the user must enter pattern again before
    using the Protected apps.
    Added code in onPause method to close the Protected apps activity
    if the user has already been authorized and there is no screen
    orientation change.
    Change-Id: Ie36ac0f54cce62228f6d0d56fef2e1f24096a803
    Issue-Id: FEIJ-491
    Improve protected apps string
    Change-Id: I3704910d99b5d93bc2f423229da72558d9fe6fb9
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