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    Settings: port manual provisiong support · f2ad8003
    Thecrazyskull authored
    commit 7adcacb2b7b586f2cc1fe26db769e63553a89494
    Author: Ricardo Cerqueira <ricardo@cyngn.com>
    Date:   Thu Jul 28 12:29:40 2016 +0100
        SimSettings: Make provisioning optional even if qti-telephony is present
        Current code assumes the manual provisioning options should come
        up if the qti-telephony blob is present. Don't make that assumption.
        Change-Id: I5e4f28b628e3fe3fe9e506631e92c85103e87ccf
    commit bdc7782bceb1dfe27996aa4be6bdbae865777aaa
    Author: Venkatraman Nerellapalli <venkataraman.nerellapalli@codeaurora.org>
    Date:   Sat Jan 9 17:20:00 2016 +0530
        Telephony(MSIM): Fix ANR on SIM deactivation
        Dismiss dialog box on confirmation.
        SIM activation & deactivation in background thread.
        Change-Id: I0268a710f35e30b2abec3dd671942b52fc0e0b46
        CRs-Fixed: 957308
    commit e7f94ba9a879bd0928efade6ed3734eb829ed834
    Author: Luca Stefani <luca.stefani.ge1@gmail.com>
    Date:   Sun Jul 3 21:56:08 2016 +0200
        Settings: Disable sim switch if subscription isn't valid
        Change-Id: I22ba9a3270da13f77fdd43586b7dc487f0929453
    commit c6856615eb456139108570dc855356e0cb95ab7c
    Author: LuK1337 <priv.luk@gmail.com>
    Date:   Sun Jul 3 22:11:26 2016 +0200
        Settings: Don't set the icon for sim activation / deactivation dialog
        * This icon doesn't look any good.
          It's better to just get rid of it.
        Change-Id: I47f70a80136695e9aa61ff98999a2cf770390079
    commit 9e21654c1d8f3393cfb662866b64e3531645e31b
    Author: LuK1337 <priv.luk@gmail.com>
    Date:   Sun Jan 3 22:32:00 2016 +0100
        Hide manual provisioning switch when extphone framework is not present
        * It doesn't work without it.
        Change-Id: Iec11ec2006059f26668f2a6fee4c2c9ca6650119
    commit 00823fa8f1f91da538440425e676b95b4d829457
    Author: Ricardo Cerqueira <ricardo@cyngn.com>
    Date:   Thu Nov 5 18:23:52 2015 +0000
        Break MSIM dependency on qci-telephony-framework
        If the provisioning state is invalid, the framework is most likely
        absent. Consider the card as provisioned to pass all relevant checks.
        Change-Id: I975ff156e4328e9d3f6e2626a863bbacb29e3337
    commit e92619a138fc1a2370ed0d583bae0573c214eaf0
    Author: Sandeep Gutta <sangutta@codeaurora.org>
    Date:   Mon Sep 14 20:14:07 2015 +0530
        Telephony(MSIM): Select preferred primary sub.
        Add UI to select preferred primary sub.
        It is used when two SIM cards inserted have same
        priority as per policy.
        Change-Id: I5726fe9f4df03e680dc2406854d08da77297444d
    commit dade627ff0569117908a5ef47f93251530c6f319
    Author: Sandeep Gutta <sangutta@codeaurora.org>
    Date:   Sun Sep 13 22:09:23 2015 +0530
        Telephony(MSIM): Fix to do not allow both SIM deactivation
        Use proper SubInfo record object to do not allow
        user to deactivate both SIMs on DSDS devices.
        Change-Id: I6f56d819367272b3a009c7a8133709c643e8bd84
        CRs-Fixed: 893504
    commit d9983cb15c59672f3030869a6b5f143da5320866
    Author: Sandeep Gutta <sangutta@codeaurora.org>
    Date:   Mon Aug 10 15:09:59 2015 +0530
        Telephony(MSIM): Manual provision related fixes
        - Consider Manual provision state while displaying
          active sub info list.
        - Enable sms/data user preference option only
          if more than one subscription active.
        - Introduce below system proeprty to control AOSP
          behavior of user selection of fallback preference
          for sms/data
        Change-Id: I2b308b801f3f677c5a3ffaee5a8e6beda12aedd2
    commit 86b04f6dfd56383bc0142cb5d03ebca9648b5061
    Author: Chaitanya Saggurthi <csaggurt@codeaurora.org>
    Date:   Thu Jul 16 16:33:34 2015 +0530
        Telephony(MSIM): Add Manual provisioning support
        Add toggle switch UI option in SimSettings screen to
        enable/disable SIM cards
        Change-Id: Id07271aedb12eabc0b106ac278ba2e12c71cfe03
    Change-Id: I451081b38d2652914ec82c53bf32128ce393c25d
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