Commit 3664c3aa authored by Gabriele M's avatar Gabriele M Committed by LuK1337

Gallery2: Increase the size of the tiles when decoding images

BitmapRegionDecoder was refactored in Android N [1] and bigger tiles
are now better to render images, so increase the size of each tile.



Change-Id: Ie9c282fc5a98c9da6bb8ae3bcfe869b8b422a84b
parent 3dfa4fcb
......@@ -159,7 +159,7 @@ public class TiledImageRenderer {
public static int suggestedTileSize(Context context) {
return isHighResolution(context) ? 512 : 256;
return isHighResolution(context) ? 2048 : 1024;
private static boolean isHighResolution(Context context) {
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