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    Keep main activity when recording is cancelled · 480142b3
    Khalid Zubair authored
    When a recording (running in background) is stopped and the user
    returns to the FM app, the recording activity is seen with a 'Save
    Recording?' popup. After responding keep/discard the app exits itself
    instead of returning to the main activity.
    This happens because the service calls exitFm() and activity finish()
    when the service receives the musicservice 'pause' command (e.g. when
    the camera starts).
    Instead of a complete shutdown, stop recording and pause (powerDown)
    the FM playback. This leaves the service in a funtional state and the
    recording activity can save/discard the recording and return to the
    main screen.
    Change-Id: Ia3209b32cea193e76fb7b0b26b1ba05b88bd9d2c
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