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    Fix use of auth-bound keys after screen lock removal · da5dae23
    Janis Danisevskis authored
    When an auth-bound key is used after the screen lock has been removed by
    the user, KeyStore.begin retruns UNINITIALIZED.
    This patch adds handling for this error code, indicating that the key
    that was to be used was permanently invalidated.
    Bug: 65200397
    Test: CtsVerifier ScreenLockBoundKeysTest:
          1. Run test
          2. with CtsVerifier in the background remove the screen lock
             through the settings dialog
          3. Select VtsVerifier in 'recents'
          4. Run test again
    Change-Id: If68ba0eb2f9c04655fe8c9eea28c4491eae8e92f
    (cherry picked from commit d07d3384)
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