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    Merge tag 'android-8.1.0_r36' into staging/lineage-15.1-android-8.1.0_r36 · 4489d3ae
    Luca Stefani authored
    Android 8.1.0 Release 36 (OPM2.171026.006.H1)
    * tag 'android-8.1.0_r36':
      clearCallingIdentity before calling into getPackageUidAsUser
      Nullcheck to fix Autofill CTS
      Osu: fixed Mismatch between createFromParcel and writeToParcel
      DO NOT MERGE Truncate newline and tab characters in BluetoothDevice name
      Fix broken check for TelephonyManager#getForbiddenPlmns
      DO NOT MERGE (O) Revoke permision when group changed
      ResStringPool: Fix security vulnerability
      RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Prevent reporting fake package name - framework (backport to oc-mr1-dev)
      Use concrete CREATOR instance for parceling lists
      Rework thumbnail cleanup
      Proper autofill fix to let phone process autofill Settings activity.
    Change-Id: I6dc77f4bd29f92958b8d0c0bf37db8b00f3f720a
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