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    Stop loading other package's font by default. · 80f6a985
    Seigo Nonaka authored
    Since CONTEXT_RESTRICTED is not a default flag of createPackageContext,
    we can't rely on it for preventing unexpected font injections.
    To protect developers and existing apps from a risk of font injection,
    stop loading font from other package's resouce unless the developer
    explicitly set CONTEXT_IGNORE_SECURITY.
    This CL contains Iac2a6fb3d82ef23d5ca6ee33f4aaa9ed28455271 by manual
    merging to handle repository split.
    Bug: 62813533
    Bug: 62879353
    Test: Manually done
    Merged-In: I4442ddc48dadb5c968b444be86038b602074d301
    Change-Id: I4442ddc48dadb5c968b444be86038b602074d301
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