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    Remove migrated config_carrier_wfc_ims_available · 5bf8c21a
    Jordan Liu authored
    config_carrier_wfc_ims_available has already been migrated to
    CarrierConfig. This commit removes reference to this carrier config from
    non-prebuilt config files.
    Bug: 29873049
    Change-Id: I74a3296494377e771d5d451db62c554485bbeb98
    undelete config_device_wfc_ims_available
    Fix accidental removal of config_device_wfc_ims_available and correctly
    remove config_carrier_wfc_ims_available
    Bug: 29873049
    Change-Id: If47b743547b55e2ff3daf0357372a5d398c8b6ab
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