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    Iterating on stack layout · 59924fe0
    Winson authored
    - Tweaking initial layout to show more of the next task
    - Bounding the width of the stack to the smallest display edge length
    - Fixing issue where the screen pinning button was not shown when
      entering recents from home, and the task view clip state was not
      restored correctly for tasks in front of the launch task.
    - Fixing issue where there was no alpha during the transition to/from
    - Refactoring and removing unused dimens, and moved remaining layout
      calculation logic out of RecentsConfiguration.
    - Fixing small regression in finding task anchor scroll points. This
      caused tasks to be animated strangely when swiping to dismiss and
      the task had an override task progress.
    - Fixing several regressions in drag and drop due to override progresses
    Change-Id: I1eac1dcea19e502bc7fe6362011b38977e3f3d6d
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