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    Fix intermittent build failures with droiddoc generated sources · ff496c15
    Colin Cross authored
    Jack builds fail very rarely with missing droiddoc generated
    source files.  This happens because jack builds have an extra
    rule that does a quick check of the sources and touches a
    jack.check.timestamp file.  The manual dependencies for the
    generated sources didn't cover this case.  If the sources are
    partially generated when the jack.check.timestamp rule runs,
    the rule can see partial sources and fail.  The same problem
    might also happen for javac builds after
    separated the source list generation rule out of the
    $(full_classes_jar) rule.
    Use LOCAL_ADDITIONAL_DEPENDENCIES instead, which covers these
    cases and will be updated to cover future changes.
    Bug: 65255877
    Test: m -j ANDROID_COMPILE_WITH_JACK=true out/target/common/obj/JAVA_LIBRARIES/android.test.runner.stubs_intermediates/jack.check.timestamp
          make sure sources are generated
    Change-Id: I4466b3128eb0bba6447c24abf921a6655a3d451f
    Merged-In: I4466b3128eb0bba6447c24abf921a6655a3d451f
    (cherry picked from commit 85ab406e)
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