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    • Haohua Li's avatar
      Fix wrong variable in AccountManagerService's TokenCache · 7a82e8cd
      Haohua Li authored
      // mAccountEvictors.put(k.account, tokenEvictor);
      // should be:
      mAccountEvictors.put(k.account, accountEvictor);
      This error in putToken() method causes the confusion of mAccountEvictors,
      and may causes the evict() method does not clean up the cache data correctly.
      Change-Id: I9435c206a6fa4d90177bbbe8816004365a213d1b
      Signed-off-by: default avatarHaohua Li <>
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    • Sam Mortimer's avatar
      fw/b torch: Let long press power turn torch off when screen is on. · 5570fe8d
      Sam Mortimer authored
      * When the torch is on, any subsequent long press power is almost certainly
        intended to turn the torch off (regardless of screen state).  Therefore,
        always allow long press power to toggle torch if the torch is on.
      * Tested: long press power toggles torch on/off with screen off.
                long press power toggles torch off with screen on and torch on.
                long press power brings up global actions menu with screen on and torch off.
      Change-Id: I932caa9f3be06d14408aea2ecb3a6eca73e052e0
  9. 03 Mar, 2020 1 commit
  10. 25 Feb, 2020 2 commits
    • codingkerensa's avatar
      Pad ime_switcher same as navbar buttons · d68aa5c1
      codingkerensa authored
      Use same padding value (@dimen/navigation_side_padding) for ime_switcher width
      as for other navbar buttons. This corrects the alignment of the ime_switcher
      button on the navbar, giving it the same width as other navbar buttons (e.g.
      clipboard, or custom key) for a more symmetric look.
      Ticket: #1475
      Test: m, check layout on device/tablet
      Change-Id: I5d96ce1b18a43d4788d15d54568e638328c4fbc3
    • Matthew Ng's avatar
      Menu ime button takes nav button width to show recents button for tablets · 5972e534
      Matthew Ng authored
      Menu ime button was pushing the recents button out of screen because of
      the order of the nav layout (where right side was before the recents
      button) and menu ime button took full width (match parent). Fixed with
      a fixed width for menu ime button to show the recents button on nav bar
      for tablets (screen density smaller than ~250).
      Change-Id: I61a0206e40b7a69d52db4a97a1b76767ba752f85
      Fixes: 77913318
      Test: 'adb shell wm density 240' on phone
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    • Kevin F. Haggerty's avatar
      Merge tag 'android-9.0.0_r53' into staging/lineage-16.0_merge-android-9.0.0_r53 · 6e7d07c3
      Kevin F. Haggerty authored
      Android 9.0.0 Release 53 (6107734)
      * tag 'android-9.0.0_r53':
        Support strict mode private DNS on VPNs that provide Internet.
        Add test coverage for strict mode private DNS.
        RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Make toasts non-clickable
        DO NOT MERGE back porting for fixing sysui direct reply
        RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Disable TextClassifier for RemoteInputView.
        DO NOT MERGE: Disable SpellChecker in secondary user's direct reply
      Change-Id: I2a8b6de952800052a635d378fd895ac37070f8eb
  14. 21 Jan, 2020 2 commits
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    • Patrick Baumann's avatar
      Fixes NPE when preparing app data during init · 3efce758
      Patrick Baumann authored
      When deleting an unused static shared library on Q, the user manager was
      fetched via mContext.getSystemService. At this time during boot, the
      service wasn't registered and so null was returned. This has already
      been addressed in R with a move to injecting dependencies in the
      PackageManagerService constructor.
      Bug: 142083996
      Bug: 141413692
      Test: manual; remove static dependency on eng Q build and reboot
      Change-Id: I8ae4e331d09b4734c54cdc6887b273705dce88b1
      Merged-In: I8ae4e331d09b4734c54cdc6887b273705dce88b1
      (cherry picked from commit 5d3fc339)
    • Patrick Baumann's avatar
      Use KNOWN_PACKAGES when shared lib consumers · 418c43c7
      Patrick Baumann authored
      This change ensures we find ALL known packages that could be consuming a
      shared library, not only currently installed ones. Without this check,
      the system may get into a state in which we have currently uninstalled
      but on-device apps that depend on a shared library that does not exist
      on device.
      This change also leaves static shared library packages on device even if
      it's not installed for any of the remaining users as it could still be
      used, but marked uninstalled for users in which it is consumed.
      Bug: 141413692
      Bug: 142083996
      Test: Manual; attempt to remove shared lib after marking its consumer uninstalled.
      Test: atest StaticSharedLibsHostTests
      Change-Id: Id4e37c3e4d3ea3ad5fddae5d2c7305e56f50eeea
      Merged-In: Id4e37c3e4d3ea3ad5fddae5d2c7305e56f50eeea
      (cherry picked from commit 08315953)
    • Patrick Baumann's avatar
      Handles null outInfo in deleteSystemPackageLI · be00b5ed
      Patrick Baumann authored
      This change adds null checks before accessing outInfo in
      Bug: 142083996
      Bug: 141413692
      Test: manual; remove static dependency on eng build and reboot
      Change-Id: If0fd48343e89cbb77ccd25826656194195d5b0cd
      (cherry picked from commit 17471016508bb9c9ffb8c3946dda0b4897d722f1)
      Merged-In: If0fd48343e89cbb77ccd25826656194195d5b0cd
      (cherry picked from commit 6afabce5)
    • paulhu's avatar
      Fix security problem on PermissionMonitor#hasPermission · 249c55ec
      paulhu authored
      PermissionMonitor#hasPermission only checks permssions that app
      requested but it doesn't check whether the permission can be
      granted to this app. If requested permission doens't be granted
      to app, this method still returns that app has this permission.
      Then PermissionMonitor will pass this info to netd that means
      this app still can use network even restricted network without
      granted privileged permission like CONNECTIVITY_INTERNAL or
      Bug: 144679405
      Test: Build, flash, manual test
      Change-Id: Iae9c273af822b18c2e6fce04848a86f8dea6410a
      Merged-In: I8a1575dedd6e3b7a8b60ee2ffd475d790aec55c4
      Merged-In: I2da730feda4d7ebed1f158b073167bb3964b3e7d
      (cherry picked from commit d0205a34)
  19. 07 Jan, 2020 1 commit
  20. 23 Dec, 2019 2 commits
    • /e/ robot's avatar
    • David Sehr's avatar
      Allow tuning of heaptargetutilization · 8c1c3e25
      David Sehr authored
      Remove a pair of explicit sets of this value.  This allows ART to tune
      this parameter to improve GC responsiveness and memory usage.  Tuning
      this parameter is a key area of work for OEM-requested high-memory
      device configurations.
      Bug: 145823510
      Test: boot and run with various configurations of the flag.
      Change-Id: I19680ff5fa1ebf9dfd4a3f71533d03510f4da414
      Merged-In: I19680ff5fa1ebf9dfd4a3f71533d03510f4da414
      (cherry picked from commit b2910d3b6ff282194a4fa4e6c6818c4325168a4f)
  21. 16 Dec, 2019 6 commits
    • Lorenzo Colitti's avatar
      Support strict mode private DNS on VPNs that provide Internet. · 0929eb91
      Lorenzo Colitti authored
      Currently, strict mode private DNS does not work on VPNs because
      NetworkMonitor does not validate VPNs. When a VPN connects, it
      immediately transitions to ValidatedState, skipping private DNS
      hostname resolution.
      This change makes NetworkMonitor perform private DNS hostname
      resolution and evaluation even on VPNs.
      In order to ensure that the system always immediately switches to
      the VPN as soon as it connects, remove the unvalidated penalty
      for VPN networks. This ensures that the VPN score is always 101
      and the VPN always outscores other networks as soon as it
      connects. Previously, it would only outscore other networks
      when no-op validation completed.
      Backport of 414b8c8b1ce8ae2ad6ef95c1ffba19062077d3e6.
      Bug: 122652057
      Test: atest FrameworksNetTests
      Test: manually ran a VPN with private DNS in strict mode
      Test: atest
      Change-Id: Iaa78a7edcf23755c89d7b354edbc28d37d74d891
      Merged-In: Iaa78a7edcf23755c89d7b354edbc28d37d74d891
      (cherry picked from commit 029d9ea1)
    • Lorenzo Colitti's avatar
      Add test coverage for strict mode private DNS. · b66ddb8e
      Lorenzo Colitti authored
      Support faking out the DNS lookups used by NetworkMonitor to
      resolve strict mode DNS, and add more test coverage.
      These tests were partly adapted from tests we have in Q but
      also contain new coverage. This is because in Q the interface
      between ConnectivityService and NetworkMonitor changed
      substantially, and it is impractical to backport
      Bug: 122652057
      Test: atest FrameworksNetTests
      Change-Id: I6497b7efa539267576d38d3036eef0af0df4e9cb
      Merged-In: Iaa78a7edcf23755c89d7b354edbc28d37d74d891
      (cherry picked from commit 60cd8553)
    • Sterling Huber's avatar
      RESTRICT AUTOMERGE · 86fbde61
      Sterling Huber authored
      Make toasts non-clickable
      Since enforcement was only on client-side, in Toast class, an app could
      use reflection (or other means) to make the Toast clickable. This is a
      security vulnerability since it allows tapjacking, that is, intercept touch
      events and do stuff like steal PINs and passwords.
      This CL brings the enforcement to the system by applying flag
      Test: atest CtsWindowManagetDeviceTestCases:ToastTest
      Test: Construct app that uses reflection to remove flag FLAG_NOT_TOUCHABLE and
            log click events. Then:
            1) Observe click events are logged without this CL.
            2) Observer click events are not logged with this CL.
      Bug: 128674520
      Change-Id: Ica346c853dcb9a1e494f7143ba1c38d22c0003d0
      (cherry picked from commit 6bf18c39)
    • Yohei Yukawa's avatar
      DO NOT MERGE back porting for fixing sysui direct reply · d888bf2d
      Yohei Yukawa authored
      Root cause: systemui run as user 0 service to handle all of users'
      notifications. And, the users can user the copy/cut/paste
      Solution: To crate @hide API in TextView let SystemUI to mark the
      TextView instance should check if the power of
      INTERACT_ACROSS_USER_FULL is needed to be restricted.
      e.x. Keyguard password textview/Notificaiton entries
      Bug: 123232892
      Test: manual test
      Reference: I6d11e4d6a84570bc2991a8552349e8b216b0d139
      Reference: Ibabe13e5b85e5bb91f9f8af6ec07c395c25c4393
      Reference: I975baa748c821538e5a733bb98a33ac609bf40a7
      Change-Id: I6d11e4d6a84570bc2991a8552349e8b216b0d139
      Merged-In: Ie3daecd1e8fc2f7fdf37baeb5979da9f2e0b3937
      (cherry picked from commit 08391b3d)
    • Abodunrinwa Toki's avatar
      RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Disable TextClassifier for RemoteInputView. · 2683f740
      Abodunrinwa Toki authored
      Sys UI runs in the primary user. This means that TextView components
      such as RemoteInputView and KeyguardPasswordView running in it could
      leak data across users.
      This CL disables the TextClassifier for RemoteInputView.
      It also logs when fixed issue is "potentially" exercised.
      There is no need to explicitly disable the TextClassifier for
      KeyguardPasswordView. It is a password field
      TextClassifier does not run for such fields.
      Test: manually attempt to excercise the bug.
            See the bug in 123232892 for more information.
      Bug: 136483597
      Bug: 123232892
      Change-Id: Ia1e4843d1505e204f2e78d2459da198c9988f7f2
      (cherry picked from commit 579abbd2)
    • Tarandeep Singh's avatar
      DO NOT MERGE: Disable SpellChecker in secondary user's direct reply · 39f0e6ef
      Tarandeep Singh authored
      For secondary users, when AOSP keyboard is used to type in
      direct-reply, unknown words can be added to dictionary.
      It's *not* OK for SpellCheckerService of primary user to
      check unknown words typed by a secondary user.
      The dialog to add these words shows up in primary user instead.
      TextView uses TextView#isSuggestionsEnabled() to determine if
      SpellChecker is enabled. This can be disabled by setting the flag
      Note: This doesn't affect workprofile users on P or older versions since
      they use same SpellCheckerService for all workprofiles.
      Bug: 123232892
      Test: Manually tested using the steps mentioned in the bug.
       1. Flash latest P build.
       2. Install AOSP keyboard (LatinIME) and set it as default.
       3. Install and open EditTextVariations
       4. Initiate direct reply in primary user and type non-english
          words like "ggggg hhhhh".
       5. Observe that they get red underline and tapping it brings "add
          to dictionary" popup.
       6. Create a new secondary user and switch to it.
       7. Once the setup completes, initiate a direct reply and type words
          similar to step 4.
       8. Verify that red underlines dont appear.
       9. switch back to primary user and verify direct reply still has red
      Change-Id: I93918eb2c12e37908e03a7951a9e2c5375bc0ecc
      (cherry picked from commit b5c0e01a)
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