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    • Michael W's avatar
      PM: Allow disabling components per-device · 0df2d7e2
      Michael W authored
      * Introduce a new overlayable string-array
      * This is equally used to disable components per-device, e.g.
      * At the same time, rename config_disabledComponents to
        config_globallyDisabledComponents to reflect the difference
      Change-Id: Ieeec0788b063a33e8a2830dd95b239c99a58466f
  6. 15 Oct, 2019 3 commits
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      [1/2] Add battery info to tvsettings device info · 5cd43b35
      Aaron Kling authored
      Change-Id: I98abe338d77b56f2a851e0f093a44d6911b9009b
    • Kevin F. Haggerty's avatar
      Merge tag 'android-9.0.0_r49' into staging/lineage-16.0_merge-android-9.0.0_r49 · ab78fedc
      Kevin F. Haggerty authored
      Android 9.0.0 Release 49 (5794013)
      * tag 'android-9.0.0_r49': (45 commits)
        [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Pass correct realCallingUid to startActivity() if provided by PendingIntentRecord#sendInner()
        OP_REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES denied by default
        DO NOT MERGE Fix display freezing when screen size mismatches
        Fix Layout.primaryIsTrailingPreviousAllLineOffsets
        HidProfile: sync isPreferred() with HidHostService
        [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Correct argument order in permission check
        Clear the Parcel before writing an exception during a transaction
        [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Protect VPN dialogs against overlay.
        DO NOT MERGE SurfaceControl: Fix captureLayers JNI
        Clean up ProcessRecord when reuse a pid.
        Update API docs for TelecomManager#endCall.
        [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Fix NullPointerException when mLockPatternUtils is not set.
        [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Make LockTaskController default behaviour match ScreenPinningSettings.
        [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Careful with screenshots containing secure layers!
        Revert "[RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Careful with screenshots containing secure layers!"
        [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Careful with screenshots containing secure layers!
        [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]: Exclude secure layers from most screenshots taken by the system server.
        HwBlob: s/malloc/calloc/
        SUPL ES Extension - June 2019 rollup
        Add cross user permission check - areNotificationsEnabledForPackage
      Change-Id: Ic06699506c8eabe8cc0cf339b9c04459771ff247
  7. 30 Sep, 2019 2 commits
  8. 21 Sep, 2019 2 commits
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      FODCircleView: defer removal to next re-layout · e0a5469c
      Peter Cai authored
      * Originally, when hide() is called, it removes the dim layer and then
        removes the view immediately, then calls the hide event in HAL. This
        causes severe flickering because the HAL is expected to restore the
        brightness immediately, but the dim layer will not be removed until
        the next repaint cycle.
      * Since it is not easy to listen for a redraw after the view itself has
        been removed, we can defer removal after the next time onLayout() is
        called. When tested on my OnePlus 7 Pro, this reduces flickering on
        successful fp authentication drastically.
      * There are some cases where show() is called so quickly after hide()
        that the view hasn't been actually removed due to this change (which
        is actually another cause of flickering). This is handled by checking
        the removal flag in show() and removing it immediately if the view is
        yet to be removed, and also by moving calls to HAL show / hide events
        to the actual attached / detached event handlers.
      * For consistency in semantics, also move calls related to the dim
        layer that were originally in onDraw for similar reasons to the
        onLayout function.
      Change-Id: I9b0cfe5c4d572a64b918ce7d3c130a659fd25a30
  9. 19 Sep, 2019 6 commits
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      RESTRICT AUTOMERGE · d9f91c43
      Jeff Sharkey authored
      Strict SQLiteQueryBuilder needs to be stricter.
      Malicious callers can leak side-channel information by using
      subqueries in any untrusted inputs where SQLite allows "expr" values.
      This change offers setStrictGrammar() to prevent this by outright
      blocking subqueries in WHERE and HAVING clauses, and by requiring
      that GROUP BY and ORDER BY clauses be composed only of valid columns.
      This change also offers setStrictColumns() to require that all
      untrusted column names are valid, such as those in ContentValues.
      Relaxes to always allow aggregation operators on returned columns,
      since untrusted callers can always calculate these manually.
      Bug: 135270103
      Bug: 135269143
      Test: atest android.database.sqlite.cts.SQLiteQueryBuilderTest
      Test: atest FrameworksCoreTests:android.database.sqlite.SQLiteTokenizerTest
      Exempt-From-Owner-Approval: already approved in downstream branch
      Change-Id: I6290afd19c966a8bdca71c377c88210d921a9f25
      (cherry picked from commit 216bbc2a2e4f697d88f8fd633646e3c0433246f1)
    • Zongheng Wang's avatar
      Set default phonebook access to ACCESS_REJECTED when user didn't choose · 9d5a622c
      Zongheng Wang authored
      When there's no users' choice to tell us whether to share their
      phonebook information to the Bluetooth device, set the phonebook access
      permission to ACCESS_REJECTED.
      Bug: 138529441
      Test: Manual test
      Change-Id: Iefabeb731b941f09fe1272ac7b7cd2feba75c8df
      Merged-In: Iefabeb731b941f09fe1272ac7b7cd2feba75c8df
      (cherry picked from commit 9b3cb0f06b7c4907c293aa65e68c7ed6e4962d4b)
    • Jeff Sharkey's avatar
      RESTRICT AUTOMERGE · 95c83b30
      Jeff Sharkey authored
      Enable stricter SQLiteQueryBuilder options.
      Malicious callers can leak side-channel information by using
      subqueries in any untrusted inputs where SQLite allows "expr" values.
      This change starts using setStrictColumns() and setStrictGrammar()
      on SQLiteQueryBuilder to block this class of attacks.  This means we
      now need to define the projection mapping of valid columns, which
      consists of both the columns defined in the public API and columns
      read internally by DownloadInfo.Reader.
      We're okay growing sAppReadableColumnsSet like this, since we're
      relying on our trusted WHERE clause to filter away any rows that
      don't belong to the calling UID.
      Remove the legacy Lexer code, since we're now internally relying on
      the robust and well-tested SQLiteTokenizer logic.
      Bug: 135270103
      Bug: 135269143
      Test: atest DownloadProviderTests
      Test: atest
      Change-Id: Iec1e8ce18dc4a9564318e0473d9d3863c8c2988a
      (cherry picked from commit 382d5c0c199f3743514e024d2fd921248f7b14b3)
    • Pinyao Ting's avatar
      fixes a security vulnerability in slice provider · 54f00e83
      Pinyao Ting authored
      Bug: 138441555
      Test: Manual
      Change-Id: Ib1b4fba54ebd3599fe11021d21dc9b09d34e8965
      Merged-In: Ib1b4fba54ebd3599fe11021d21dc9b09d34e8965
      (cherry picked from commit 2b415a4c4465a6294e51ad1a8fcf2e6c1497853b)
      (cherry picked from commit 46368e4f5cf4ff4582942bcc8ab23636c702daa3)
    • Jonathan Scott's avatar
      Jonathan Scott authored
      Test: Just adding a constant
      Bug: 132261064
      Change-Id: I1527be03a10fa1a2fde09e3e41d6b7e83a986fc0
      Merged-In: I2bce277ff8f2de4614e19d5385fe6712b076f9c9
      (cherry picked from commit 20e5d92613268c196b508865b7275b59f00688f5)
  10. 13 Sep, 2019 1 commit
    • Sam Mortimer's avatar
      fw/b: Prevent trying to enable hw offload for tethering via VPN upstreams · 7b13c0f5
      Sam Mortimer authored
      * Tethering via VPN upstream requires a sw path.
      * hw offload setup happened to be being disabled anyway owing to a fail
        return code from setDataLimit().  However, it was causing offload to be
        disabled entirely (until next hotspot off / on event).
      * Gracefully skip hw offload for vpn upstreams so that it is automatically
        used again when a vpn is disconnected.
      Change-Id: I4df13f02889305560903b7b1e919eedc7af78c07
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  12. 10 Sep, 2019 4 commits
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      Fix Layout.primaryIsTrailingPreviousAllLineOffsets · 0dc004bc
      Mihai Popa authored
      The CL fixes a crash in Layout.primaryIsTrailingPreviousAllLineOffsets.
      The crash was happening when the method was called for a line beginning
      with an empty bidi run. This could happen, for example, for empty text -
      I was unable to find any other case. The CL improves the existing test
      for the method with this case, which was previously crashing.
      The CL also fixes a potential crash in getLineHorizontals. However, this
      bug could never happen as in the current code path clamped is always
      false (and kept as parameter for parity with getHorizontal).
      Bug: 135444178
      Bug: 78464361
      Test: atest FrameworksCoreTests:android.text.LayoutTest\#testPrimaryIsTrailingPrevious
      Change-Id: I47157abe1d74675884734e3810628a566e40c1b4
      (cherry picked from commit 7ad499d0)
      (cherry picked from commit 9109ce6b)
    • Chienyuan's avatar
      HidProfile: sync isPreferred() with HidHostService · b396aa19
      Chienyuan authored
      HidHostService allow to connect when priority is PRIORITY_UNDEFINED.
      HidProfile should return ture when priority is PRIORITY_UNDEFINED.
      Otherwise, the "Input device" toggle in off state when HID device
      Bug: 132456322
      Test: manual
      Change-Id: Id7bae694c57aec17e019d591c0a677e3cb64f845
      (cherry picked from commit 830217f2)
    • Bryan Ferris's avatar
      Correct argument order in permission check · f7e3735a
      Bryan Ferris authored
      The function 'checkAccess' recieves the uid and pid in that order and
      forwards them to checkSlicePermission in the same order. However,
      checkSlicePermission expects them in the opposite order.
      Bug: 135551349
      Test: atest FrameworksUiServicesTests
      Change-Id: I6e49efeab08f0e2a29d9830e6f81905598ae410c
      (cherry picked from commit d2432fc3)
  13. 05 Sep, 2019 2 commits
  14. 03 Sep, 2019 4 commits
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      SystemUI: disable wallpaper-based tint for scrim · f8d54bb7
      Joey authored
      This is quite annoying especially when the lockscreen is displaying an album art.
      You don't really want to see the green of your amazing wallpaper
      picturing a gorgerous forest landscape when you're rocking Master of Puppets.
      Also several users and contributors complained about this thing.
      Also it was removed in P dp1 and it never came back in later P builds.
      For dark text, use a fully transparent scrim so there is no negative impact
      for that usecase
      GlobalActionsDialog: Adapted and refactored code for less code change
      Change-Id: I5ce5d5ff002f3be9b13a4cbb8df2300d0d7dcb3b
      Signed-off-by: 's avatarJoey <>
    • James Wei's avatar
      MTP: Add support of ObjectInfoChanged Event · 2db48e30
      James Wei authored
      Under MTP mode, new file created at device side shown size zero at PC side
      due to file information is not updated to PC in time with ObjectAdded event
      Bug: 77883345
      Test: 1. Take screenshot of device under MTP mode with Win10 / Linux
          2. file copy, delete, rename between PC and device
          3. file copy, delete, rename on device with adb shell command
      Change-Id: If428064fb0104b53b8afd5b050a4fab4a09312f0
      Merged-In: If428064fb0104b53b8afd5b050a4fab4a09312f0
    • jhenrique09's avatar
      LiveDisplayTile: Remove tile if unavailable · 7c65f70e
      jhenrique09 authored
      Change-Id: Ic05ff73c57d3f02cd2752acb1b1df2564c0d4b6b
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    • Dave Daynard's avatar
      Allow override of DUN settings · ec8f960e
      Dave Daynard authored
      Allow override of system DUN settings by setting
      to one of the following values:
      2 = not set, 0 = DUN not required, 1 = DUN required
      If the prop is not set the system setting will be used.
      Change-Id: I296f303a23351e4ab29898895abfcd313c747db9
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