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    • Adrian Roos's avatar
      DPM: Fix regression from I54376f60ac53451ace22965d331b47cd8c2e614e · 105cb6fe
      Adrian Roos authored
      Fixes an issue where setting a password via DPM would never
      satisfy a QUALITY_COMPLEX password requirement.
      Change-Id: I3fbc952bd44291ac22728c626b128fc0c1aae232
      Merged-In: I3fbc952bd44291ac22728c626b128fc0c1aae232
      Fixes: 120915644
      Bug: 110172241
      Test: atest ''
      Test: Set credential via DPM.resetPassword(), factory reset device to trigger FRP, verify FRP shows.
      (cherry picked from commit 48d06522)
    • Abodunrinwa Toki's avatar
      RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Do not linkify text with RLO/LRO characters. · ff9b71a6
      Abodunrinwa Toki authored
      Also don't show smart actions for selections in text with unsupported
      Bug: 116321860
      Test: runtest -x cts/tests/tests/text/src/android/text/util/cts/
      Change-Id: Ib2ee544b5783234fba8ee2f93adf0b36b039520f
      (cherry picked from commit 4e3507d5)
    • Adrian Roos's avatar
      FRP: save password quality in DPM.resetPassword · f225c5b9
      Adrian Roos authored
      When setting a password from DPM.resetPassword(), the actual quality of the
      password was not passed to LockSettingsService (instead, the minimum required
      quality was passed which is often UNSPECIFIED). As a result, during FRP we
      would see inconsistent state and skip it.
      Bug: 110172241
      Test: Set credential via DPM.resetPassword(), factory reset device to trigger FRP, verify FRP shows.
      Change-Id: I54376f60ac53451ace22965d331b47cd8c2e614e
      Merged-In: I54376f60ac53451ace22965d331b47cd8c2e614e
      (cherry picked from commit ef116def)
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    • Gabriele M's avatar
      AppOps: Prevent deadlock when making note of applications · 542d7729
      Gabriele M authored
      If noteOperation() is called with ActivityManagerService locked,
      AppOpsService won't be able to show the PermissionDialog, causing
      noteOperation() to wait indefinitely. Keep a reference to the
      current ActivityManagerService instance so that we can check
      whether showing the PermissionDialog is safe or not.
      Even though there's currently no code path that causes startOperation()
      to be called with ActivityManagerService locked, add the same check
      there to prevent the same from happening in future.
      Change-Id: I118aac6ddf91774a038d73047162cfdb8395e58d
    • Michael W's avatar
      AppOpsService: Fix another possible deadlock · eed0399e
      Michael W authored
      * A possible race condition with the isInteractive() calls
        can result in a deadlock resulting in a soft reboot
      * Use a broadcast receiver instead and listen for screen
        state changes
      * Use AppOpsService.this for the synchronized part,
        otherwise the lock is essentially useless.
      * Move the assignment of mIsInteractive into the lock so it
        is also synchronized
      * Idea by Danny Baumann <>
      Change-Id: I3c5a70cf67c3d0b3b9855a598d3d29e17c1aaedc
    • Danny Baumann's avatar
      AppOpsService: Fix deadlock · 25da5af0
      Danny Baumann authored
      * When an app had access to external storage and was then set
        to "always ask" or "denied", the app could cause a deadlock
        on ActivityManager, resulting in a soft reboot
      * This patch was backported from lineage-16.0 branch
      Change-Id: I4341a321562c6ced00215218968f019bfb5f4443
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    • Tim Schumacher's avatar
      Add back ACCELEROMETER_ROTATION_ANGLES and update references · 9188308e
      Tim Schumacher authored
      This needed to move back into fw/b, because it needs to be
      accessed from inside the RotationPolicy. Previously
      (when this constant and Setting were located in lineage-sdk),
      the settings for the display rotation had no effect, because we
      couldn't query the correct set of settings.
      Change-Id: Icce249925a578c328db3884e5d332b20d6e7db6c
      Fixes: BUGBASH-2042
    • Tim Schumacher's avatar
      RotationLock: Use controller to determine next state · 04203eb2
      Tim Schumacher authored
      mState.value seems to reset when rotating the screen.
      This results in a glitching rotation lock tile,
      which has to be tapped a second time for it to lock
      the rotation again.
      Set the value based on the current rotation lock state
      to keep it in sync with the current setting and the UI
      Change-Id: Ia837cc93aeeea0fb56c7555d5f454b740fc6cc63
      Fixes: BUGBASH-1527
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