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    • Elliott Hughes's avatar
      Use ICU's CLDR data for "AM" and "PM" strings. · b12b61a8
      Elliott Hughes authored
      This brings DateUtils and Time in sync with bionic, icu, WebKit,
      DateFormatSymbols, Formatter, and SimpleDateFormat. And specifically
      means that DateUtils now knows how to say "AM" and "PM" in Japanese.
      Bug: 6719054
      Change-Id: Icdd75c0865505fde4115d71025eeb7515b73da4c
  6. 19 Mar, 2012 1 commit
    • Eric Fischer's avatar
      Move map center resources out of arrays.xml. · e10333fd
      Eric Fischer authored
      Having them in the same file means that the translation importer
      will in some cases try to override the files that were manually
      added for each locale.
      Change-Id: Ie34106d08aacdbddb0c1005fb511f2018db93800
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    • Eric Fischer's avatar
      Make the date format preference work again. · 32876958
      Eric Fischer authored
      It is only used for numeric dates -- spelled-out dates have such a complex
      variety of formats that they can only be meaningfully formatted from
      locale strings.
      In addition, the preference is left null when initializing, on the assumption
      that the locale will still specify a more useful numeric format than we can
      guess as part of a build-wide configuration.
      But if the user has specified a format, the date will be formatted in the
      order they asked for, with locale-appropriate punctuation substituted in.
  15. 11 Jun, 2009 1 commit
    • Eric Fischer's avatar
      Hook the 12- or 24-hour time format checkbox back up. · af0e7a73
      Eric Fischer authored
      The format strings are newly generated from CLDR.  The code is once again
      the same as in cupcake: do the natural thing for the locale if the user
      has never specified, but follow the checkbox if the user has ever set it.
  16. 10 Jun, 2009 2 commits
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      Fix some 12- vs 24-hour problems in the FormatDateRange strings. · 84c863d9
      Eric Fischer authored
      Use a resource instead of a hardcoded string for the 24-hour format
      since it is not exactly the same in every locale.
      Make sure the 12-hour format is actually for a 12-hour clock, even in
      locales where this is not a normal thing to do.  In the cap_ampm version,
      do not have it try to capitalize "am" and "pm" if these are non-ASCII
      strings, since strftime() doesn't know about Unicode and will mess it up.
      Add a comment so that people don't think the YEAR_IN_MILLIS constant is
      actually the length of any real year.
    • Eric Fischer's avatar
      Get the FormatDateRange tests passing again. · c110ec0a
      Eric Fischer authored
      This fixes a few places that were accidentally using the wrong numbered
      parameter in the format call.  It also makes other adjustments so that
      the formats for English are exactly the same as they were in Cupcake.
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    • Eric Fischer's avatar
      Start using CLDR for some date-and-time strings and formats. · 5bd644ca
      Eric Fischer authored
      Use java.text.DateFormat where possible, since that is already using
      the CLDR data for the things it supports.  Remove an unused date format
      object from DatePickerDialog.
      Add a new method for getting the standalone month names from applications,
      although @hidden for now because it is an API change.
      Pass the standalone month names down to native code in Time so that
      tztime's strftime() can use them.
      And then the bulk of the change: replace all the names for the months
      and the days of the week, and AM and PM, and yesterday, today, and tomorrow,
      with strings from CLDR.  And replace several of the date format strings
      with ones derived from CLDR, but reformatted to use strftime() style
      instead of SimpleDateFormat style.
      All these resource changes go into new donottranslate-cldr.xml files
      and are removed from strings.xml so that they aren't part of the
      normal translation process and the translators don't have to bother
      with them (and risk messing them up).
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