Commit dcdeaf8b authored by Benedict Wong's avatar Benedict Wong Committed by android-build-team Robot

DO NOT MERGE: Fix ConnectivityController meteredness checks

This patch corrects ConnectivityController's meteredness checks to
perform correct meteredness checks while VPNs are running. This fixes a
bug in O-MR1 where any apps using the DownloadProvider with unmetered
network constraints fail to start while the VPN is enabled.

This change adds a bespoke method for ConnectivityController, allowing
it to correctly identify the meteredness without affecting public API

Bug: 78644887
Test: Built, flashed on Walleye, and tested.
Test: Additional test coverage in subsequent patch(es).
Change-Id: Ie1d11d93d51d936ce81cd5984af61bde30325983
(cherry picked from commit d08ab5a6)
parent f10472c4
......@@ -2504,6 +2504,28 @@ public class ConnectivityManager {
* Returns if the active data network for the given UID is metered. A network
* is classified as metered when the user is sensitive to heavy data usage on
* that connection due to monetary costs, data limitations or
* battery/performance issues. You should check this before doing large
* data transfers, and warn the user or delay the operation until another
* network is available.
* @return {@code true} if large transfers should be avoided, otherwise
* {@code false}.
* @hide
public boolean isActiveNetworkMeteredForUid(int uid) {
try {
return mService.isActiveNetworkMeteredForUid(uid);
} catch (RemoteException e) {
throw e.rethrowFromSystemServer();
* If the LockdownVpn mechanism is enabled, updates the vpn
* with a reload of its profile.
......@@ -66,6 +66,7 @@ interface IConnectivityManager
NetworkQuotaInfo getActiveNetworkQuotaInfo();
boolean isActiveNetworkMetered();
boolean isActiveNetworkMeteredForUid(int uid);
boolean requestRouteToHostAddress(int networkType, in byte[] hostAddress);
......@@ -1339,7 +1339,17 @@ public class ConnectivityService extends IConnectivityManager.Stub
public boolean isActiveNetworkMetered() {
final int uid = Binder.getCallingUid();
return isActiveNetworkMeteredCommon(Binder.getCallingUid());
public boolean isActiveNetworkMeteredForUid(int uid) {
return isActiveNetworkMeteredCommon(uid);
private boolean isActiveNetworkMeteredCommon(int uid) {
final NetworkCapabilities caps = getUnfilteredActiveNetworkState(uid).networkCapabilities;
if (caps != null) {
return !caps.hasCapability(NetworkCapabilities.NET_CAPABILITY_NOT_METERED);
......@@ -112,10 +112,8 @@ public final class ConnectivityController extends StateController implements
final boolean connected = (info != null) && info.isConnected();
final boolean connectionUsable = connected && validated;
final boolean metered = connected && (capabilities != null)
&& !capabilities.hasCapability(NetworkCapabilities.NET_CAPABILITY_NOT_METERED);
final boolean unmetered = connected && (capabilities != null)
&& capabilities.hasCapability(NetworkCapabilities.NET_CAPABILITY_NOT_METERED);
final boolean metered = connected && mConnManager.isActiveNetworkMeteredForUid(jobUid);
final boolean unmetered = connected && !mConnManager.isActiveNetworkMeteredForUid(jobUid);
final boolean notRoaming = connected && (info != null)
&& !info.isRoaming();
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