Commit d7431f23 authored by Dianne Hackborn's avatar Dianne Hackborn Committed by android-build-merger

[automerger] Fix issue #27317952: PendingIntent.getIntent() should be...

[automerger] Fix issue #27317952: PendingIntent.getIntent() should be protected am: ae77fa47 am: d6b63192 am: 73fcfd42 am: cb76e24e am: 209f5413 am: f91e527a am: db6d6a29 am: 42dee597 am: 65b3f30d am: e55d5fca
am: b39b2018

Change-Id: Id9abd97ef188ed9ac025ddbafc7a50d5f2b342a3
parents 3f13ccee b39b2018
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